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The Mighty Men & Women Of God Talent Show

Article And Editorial By Chevette Conley

Ron Walters, Gospel Artists perfromed
at the event

This is a follow up to the story that I did on the Gospel Artist Ron C. Walters. I Interviewed the Gospel Artist at a show called The 9th Annual Mighty Men & Women of GOD. This show was hosted by John Barbush. This Organization was founded by: Dr. Larry Love. This Organization was about creating UNITY & PEACE, and mostly stopping the violence. This show was giving people from all over a chance to use their energy and Talents and show their expressions through performing arts. The entire show was about dismantling the Culture of Violence going on in Chicago and The United States. John Barbush talked about there being over 2,000 people killed in Afghanistan and over 5,000 gunned down in the city of Chicago in the past 10 years. Chicago is now known as The Murder Capital of the World. I don’t know about you, but, that’s a distinction I am not proud of, and hopefully we will change that real soon.



Helen Wooten, music producer and and founder of the Gospel Heritage Museum

Helen Wooten, music producer and
and founder of the Gospel Heritage

‘’This is Terrible!’’ 81 was the number of people killed in Chicago n the month of August!” Can we continue to let this happen? We can make a difference by signing Petitions to get these guns off the streets and by closing certain gun shops who sell guns to known criminals and the youth. “Violence is a Disease: It spreads from one- person- to- another. To cure it you need to interrupt it. As stated by: Our President of The United States Barack Obama. Mary Reed attended the Event. She’s a Community Organizer who had a Street named after her in Chicago through her efforts. She is from the office of Danny Davis. Former Cook County Board President Bobbie Steele spoke and talked about wanting to be a part of the causes of The Mighty Men & Women of God, although she retired, and her son Robert Steele is now the Cook County Commissioner.

Bobbie Steele is serious about still working to stop the Violence here in Chicago. She also accepted an award for her participation and efforts. There was an Award given to Bobby Rush and it was accepted by his brother on his behalf. Helen Wooten was also in attendance which was very exciting to many attendees. She is a Music producer and Founder of The Gospel Museum. She produced Artist R’ KELLY and many others. There was much Talent throughout the evening, singers, skaters, dancers, and even a band. CHICAGO has so much new talent that we have to look forward to experiencing in the near future. But, the reason for the evening was to shed the light on the Rash of Violence and Murders in CHICAGO”. Let’s please do what we can from the police, community organizers, parents, ministers, Aldermen, Governor, Mayor, and yes, even the Ex Gang members, whoever and whatever it takes to stop these senseless killings!” It is destroying our City and it affects us all.”

Fred Hampton Jr., chairman of The Prisoners of Conscience

Fred Hampton Jr., chairman of The
Prisoners of Conscience

We need to find a way to dismantle the Gangs in Chicago and Rid the youth of these guns. It may sound Impossible, but I believe anything is possible! Also in attendance at this event was, Fred Hampton JR. who is an African American Political Activist and son of Fred Hampton Sr. (Fred Hampton Sr.) was a Black Panther (who was shot to death by the Chicago Police as he slept during a Police Raid back in 1969. Fred Hampton Jr. wasn’t even born when this occurred, he was still in his mother’s womb, and she was eight months pregnant with him. So, his father Fred Hampton Sr. was 21 when he was shot to Death and his mother was 19 she was shot also.

So, FRED Hampton Jr. soon followed his father’s Legacy and became a Prominent Black Nationalist Politically. He was the President of the International People’s Democratic uhuru Movement back in 1990. But, in 1993 he was convicted of Firebombing of a Korean Grocery store after the 1992 national protest of the Acquittal of The Los Angeles Police Department officers who beat RODNEY KING. So, Mr. FRED Hampton Jr. was then sentenced to 8 yrs, in prison and he was paroled on Sept. 14, 2001. He is now the Chairman of The Prisoners of Conscience Committee. (P.O.C.C.).

He was also given an Award at this event for his efforts, and it was well received by the Audience. I spoke with him briefly. He

John Barbush, host of the event presenting an award

John Barbush, host of the event
presenting an award

is also serious about the young men in our communities and our entire city and Stopping the conflicts and Violence and senseless Murders in Chicago. The event was very enlightening! I hope to Experience more like this in the near Future in order to curb the Violence in Chicago. But, hopefully we won’t have to do too many more, and we will be able to hold our heads up, and be Proud to say, that we live in CHICAGO THE GREATEST CITY IN AMERICA!! This is a Great City and we will be able to Preserve that Title and feel SAFE.”

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