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Harmony Community Church coordinates bottled water drive to Flint

At 7:00 in the morning, Harmony Church Bottled Water drive secures donated water loaded by volunteers with Senior Pastor James Brooks, 24th Ward Alderman Michael Scott Jr, UIC Public Health students and other volunteers.

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Harmony Community Church’s bottled water drive coordinated by Senior Pastor James Brooks accumulated into hundreds of cases […]

Atty John Marszelak fights for individuals right to a jury trial


Attorney John Marzelek

By David Tenorio

With the upcoming presidential and local elections looming in the near future, voters find themselves bombarded with a plethora of reasons why they should vote for a particular candidate which makes it hard to choose the right candidate for office. Attorney John Marszalek, candidate for election […]

Illinois Senator Patricia Van Pelt announces legislation for Police Accountability

State of Illinois Senator, 5th District Patricia Van Pelt speaking on injustice by Police Departments and explaining legislation on Police Accountability.

State of Illinois Senator, 5th District Patricia Van Pelt held a press conference to announce legislation addressing police accountability at the First Baptist Congregational Church 1613 W. Washington Blvd. Van Pelt (D-Chicago). […]

Chicago Area Pastors, Ministers, Politicians, support Dorothy Brown for re-election to Clerk of the Circuit Court

Local area Pastors, ministers and political leaders gathered for breakfast at the JLM Center to show support for Dorothy Brown to be re-elected for Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Despite not receiving the support of the Cook County Democratic party leaders, the campaign being ran by incumbent Cook County Clerk of […]