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Austin High School Football Team

Photos by Todd Thomas

Ausitn plays games in their practice jerseys.They were never issued game uniforms, but theysay they don’t care about appearance, they justwant to win.

Austin running backcornerback ChristopherThompson also plays wide receiver

Coach Terry Carter gives his quarteback DontaThompson a few pointers.

Wide receiver […]


David Schultz, film critic

Hollywood comes to Chicago for the next two weeks seems to truly apply for the 48th International Chicago Film festival that kickoffs with the star studded world premiere of “The Stand-Up Guys” with the red carpet arrival of its heavyweights stars, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin Julianne Margulies and director […]

On Video

Di s n e y ’s Great Mouse Detective (***) In its “ M y s t e r y in the Mist” edition that marks the 25th a n n i v e r s a r y and its Blue Ray HD debut of this underrated but brisk animated adaptation of Eve […]

A The Flicks

ARGO (***1/2) Actor Ben Affleck continues his growth as a film director and takes a giant (and unexpected) leap with his third and most ambitious feature to date. Based on an incredible but true incident that was recently declassified under President Clinton 18 years ago that occurred under President Carter’s tenure. “Argo” details most […]

“Overwhelmed with Gratitude” Mrs. Gwen Caul – Burnett 15 years of service Secretary of Cong. Danny Davis

Mrs. Gwen Caul – Burnett , Reva, and Rev Paul Jakes at dinner celebration

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude,” said Mrs. Gwen Caul – Burnett. Everyone who her knew from Congressman Davis’ office usually called her by her first name, Gwen. She retired after 15 years, serving as secretary and scheduler for Congressman […]

Lawndale Christian Health Center 5k Walk/Run Bigger/Better Ben Fay Top Male Finisher, Rebekah Ziesmer Top Female Finisher

Runners returning at half way mark of 5k walk/run event located atDouglas Blvd and Albany Ave.

On a day of community excitement and hope Lawndale Christian Development held its Annual 5k Run/Walk event on September 22. The results are in and the top three spots went to 1st place winner 24 yr old, […]


24TH Ward Alderman Michael D. Chandler is strongly urging 24th ward residents to register, vote and become involved in activities connected with the upcoming General Election on November 6, 2012. In support of this effort, Alderman Michael D. Chandler is sponsoring phone bank activities in conjunction with the Obama/Biden campaign. These activities are being […]

Dr. Wesley Muhammad on the Reality of God within Biblical and Islamic Texts: God is a Man

Crystal X Hale

Brilliant scholar, author, and lecturer, Dr. Wesley Muhammad has firmly planted his feet in the Academic world as a force to be reckoned with. With controversial topics surrounding the premise that God is a man, and Islam’s 1400 year old prophet, Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah is a Black man, Dr. Muhammad […]

Black United Fund Annual Benefit Awards Ceremony

Mr. & Mrs. Abe Thompson, Mr. Richard Barnett and,friend,Ms. Francine, and Mr. & Mrs. Max I. Julion

The Black United Fund of Illinois recently celebrated their Annual Gala Benefit Awards Ceremony. The Living Legends Passing of the Torch theme was named The YEAR of the MAN. The event was held September 29, 2012, […]

Letter To The Editor: The Fight for Quality of Life

In September I traveled to Washington D.C. with cancer survivors and volunteers to call on Congress to support legislation that emphasizes patients’ quality of life during treatment for a serious disease such as cancer. Lawmakers have the power to improve the lives of cancer patients by making treatment of their pain and other symptoms standard […]