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At the Flicks by David Schultz


WORLD WAR Z (**1/2)


Ever since George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”, zombies have been mostly used as a metaphor on social, political, racial commentary. Quite visually, “World War Z” brings forth the zombie apocalypse as an incurable viral epidemic raging on a global scale like “Contagion”.

AT THE FLICKS by David Shultz

Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jone in “Side Effects


After tackling the possibility of a global spreading, contaminating virus in “Contagion”, director Steven Soderbergh and writer Scott Z. Burns starts out taking on another phobic concern. But then shifts itself into a twisty murder mystery melodrama that takes away […]

Celebration of Life held for Mary Ella Moore, aka “Gypsy”

Mary Ella Moore, known by most as “Gypsy,” was remembered by many whom her life had touched in the 56 years she was blessed to live. In what was labeled as a Spiritual Renaissance of Gypsy, family, friends, community VIPs, and others came to remember a vibrant women who lived by philosophy, quotes, action, […]


David Schultz, film critic

THE SESSIONS (***1/2) This inspirational poignant true story begins from the actual news report footage about a paralyzed college student who survived being contracted with polio as a child; determined to live a normal life on his self propelled, motorized hospital bed. Residing in Berkeley circa 1988, a talented poet […]

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Compiled and reviewed by David Schultz

PETE’S DRAGON (*1/2) A rather heavy handled Disney attempt to recapture some “Mary Poppins” magic that only manages to endear itself only through its animated dragon (voiced by the late comic Charlie Callas) in this mixture of live action/animated fantasy musical about an orphanage boy who lives near […]

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SHIFTY (**1/2) This British import delivers minimal results from its interesting character driven scenario. The title character is a local drug dealer who hides his activities while living under his older brother’s roof after their parents kick him out. Then Shifty is reunited with his best friend, Chris who resurfaces back in town after […]

At The Flicks

SMASHED (***) Mary Elizabeth Winstead delivers a convincing performance of an alcoholic school teacher, Katie Hannah who lives with her equally hung-over, unemployed husband, Charlie played by Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” fame in this cautionary tale on substance abuse It is apparent from the opening scene that what transpires is a daily occurrence. […]

The Mighty Men & Women Of God Talent Show

Article And Editorial By Chevette Conley

Ron Walters, Gospel Artists perfromedat the event

This is a follow up to the story that I did on the Gospel Artist Ron C. Walters. I Interviewed the Gospel Artist at a show called The 9th Annual Mighty Men & Women of GOD. This show was hosted […]


David Schultz, film critic

Hollywood comes to Chicago for the next two weeks seems to truly apply for the 48th International Chicago Film festival that kickoffs with the star studded world premiere of “The Stand-Up Guys” with the red carpet arrival of its heavyweights stars, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin Julianne Margulies and director […]

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Di s n e y ’s Great Mouse Detective (***) In its “ M y s t e r y in the Mist” edition that marks the 25th a n n i v e r s a r y and its Blue Ray HD debut of this underrated but brisk animated adaptation of Eve […]