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A Distraught Father Is Searching for Answers in the Unexpected Death of His Son.

By Latricia Polk Committeeman Larry G. Nelson Sr., for Chicago’s 24th ward, is searching for answers in the unexpected death of his son. “I just want answers for my son’s death. That’s why I’m requesting for an autopsy,” Nelson Sr., said. Larry G. Nelson Jr., 29, was last seen on Oct. 22nd walking near […]

Celebration of Life held for Mary Ella Moore, aka “Gypsy”

Mary Ella Moore, known by most as “Gypsy,” was remembered by many whom her life had touched in the 56 years she was blessed to live. In what was labeled as a Spiritual Renaissance of Gypsy, family, friends, community VIPs, and others came to remember a vibrant women who lived by philosophy, quotes, action, […]


Alderman Michael D. Chandler is encouraging 24th Ward residents to take advantage of the Illinois Manufacturing Foundation (IMF) Machinist Training Program. The program is being sponsored by the Illinois Manufacturing Foundation as an initiative to expand training opportunities in the Machinist trade.


United Methodist Church 58th Annual Fundraising Banquet

Rev. Dale kelley Claire Christian holding awardfor Cong. Davis at United Methodist Church58th Annual Fundraising Banquet

Six people were recognized for making a difference in our community at Claire Christian United Methodist Church 58th Annual Fundraising Banquet. Also Congressman Danny K. Davis, even though he was out of state campaigning for President Barak […]



On Tuesday November 6th 2012 we are going to the POLLS again to elect a President, Alderman, Judge, Congressman or Woman etc. Please make sure that you know you Candidate and what they stand for. Know what their plans are for you and this Country. If they are […]

North Lawndale News Op-Ed

Dr. Joseph F. West

North Lawndale is heavily burdened by type 2 diabetes. North Lawndale has more than three times the national rate and twice the City rate for type 2 diabetes. When you eat food, the body breaks down all of the sugars and starches and turns it into fuel the body can use. […]


David Schultz, film critic

THE SESSIONS (***1/2) This inspirational poignant true story begins from the actual news report footage about a paralyzed college student who survived being contracted with polio as a child; determined to live a normal life on his self propelled, motorized hospital bed. Residing in Berkeley circa 1988, a talented poet […]

Larry G. Nelson Jr. Obituary

Larry Nelson Jr.

By Latricia Polk Larry G. Nelson Jr., 29, a beloved son, and a pious man of the North Lawndale Community, died last Monday, when an unknown vehicle struck him near the intersection of East 147th and South Ashland Avenue in Harvey. Nelson Jr., an Outreach Minister for the United […]

On Video

Compiled and reviewed by David Schultz

PETE’S DRAGON (*1/2) A rather heavy handled Disney attempt to recapture some “Mary Poppins” magic that only manages to endear itself only through its animated dragon (voiced by the late comic Charlie Callas) in this mixture of live action/animated fantasy musical about an orphanage boy who lives near […]