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North Lawndale College Prep Anniversary Dinner

David Tenorio

Alumni, current students, interested parents and school staff will gather together for a special evening on Saturday, September 22 at the Pompeii Restaurant as North Lawndale College Prep (NLCP) celebrates the 10th anniversary of its first graduating class. The anniversary dinner is scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm and will include governmental officials […]

Nonprofit Compliance

Don’t let problems with filing paper work for state and federal regulators keep your organization from fulfilling its mission. Last year, over 18,000 Illinois nonprofits lost tax exempt status because they did not complete an annual financial return (Form 990 for three consecutive years.) About a third of the organizations were based in Chicago, […]


Ms. Chevette M. Conley

Why are so many Men and Women dealing with Health related problems? Are we really taking care of our bodies? People in some religions consider their bodies as Temples. This means that they take very good care of their bodies by watching what they put in to it, as well as […]

Revelation Christian Worship Center’s” Night Under the Stars”

The 1900 block of Kedzie Avenue was filled with a spiritual experience hosted by Revelation Christian Worship Center located at 1910 S. Kedzie Avenue. On Sunday Aug 12, on a night labeled “Night Under the Stars.” It was the eve of their weeklong revival which started Monday August 13 to Friday August 17, several […]


Literacy refers to our ability to understand and learn from what we read; think critically about what has been written and clearly communicate ideas through the written word. Literacy is the backbone of all of our learning, and helps us to participate fully in our communities, the workforce and the larger society. September is […]

The Year in Review: 2011 Education Reform Act

Valerie F. Leonard

Mayor Emanuel rings in the first day of School at UNO Octavio Paz. Photo:City of Chicago website.

Even before he took office in May, 2011, Mayor Emanuel was working on what would become the cornerstone of his first 90 days in office— working with education advocacy groups to pass SB-7, […]

Minister Louis Farrakhan, Nation Of Islam Takes Action To Help Reduce Violence In City

Minister Louis Farrakhan visited the Westside of Chicago in his citywide effort to help in reducing the escalated violence that has plagued Chicago this year. The current rate of Killings is up 38% from last year. As of September 2, 384 people have was at ICE theaters where he spoke on Monday August 21 […]

24th Ward Back to School Festival, A Taste of North Lawndale & Family Peace Fest 2012

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LawndaleCARES Forum

David Tenorio

Andre Fluker, Pastor of All Nations Church of God in Christ and president of Lawndale Cares (white shirt with vest) going over material as representatives present anti-violence strategies at the commuiity center of Open Door Baptist Church 3102 S. Sawyer, where Richard Nelson is the pastor.



I thank Cliff Kelley for having me as one of his guests last week to speak from the community’s perspective on the potential for an elected school board in Chicago. I represented the Lawndale Alliance. Other guests for that segment included Rikki Jones, the Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Women, and Crystal Williams. Crystal […]